[Thunar-dev] browse forward and back via mousebuttons

Mikko Linnalo mlinnalo at gmail.com
Sun Apr 9 22:48:06 CEST 2006

On Sun, 2006-04-09 at 20:13 +0200, Björn Martensen wrote:
> Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> > This is already available in Thunar, see Stefans mail.
> Ah, great!
> I didn't check it, because the name of the option "..HorizontalWheel.."
> sounded more like it was the function of a wheel and not buttons ;) (as
> some mice have a horizontal wheel, too...), sorry.
> But that's exactly the thing I meant.
> You should have this enabled by default though, imho. As it's standard
> in web browsers and for example the windows explorer too.
> Thanks anyway!
> Björn

Excactly, I don't see how this harms the people that don't have those
extra buttons on their mice, so why not keep it on as default. 

Actually, I think these are 2 different mouse buttons we are talking
about. Logitech MX1000 has forward and back buttons (thumb keys) but
also this horizontal mouse wheel, as other logitech mice and lots of
others have only these forward/back buttons. It's the frwd/back buttons
that browsers are using already for page navigation, horizontal
scrolling is used scrolling inside the window (like mouse wheel does in
vertical direction). Based on README.thunarrc, horizontal wheel is
already configured this way as default, which makes a lot of sense IMHO.

So in nutshell, can we have these Frwd/back keys function as they do in
Firefox and Opera, prrllleease :)

Mikko Linnalo

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