[Thunar-dev] Create folder

Michael Cronenworth mike at cchtml.com
Fri Apr 7 00:44:20 CEST 2006

I know I'm just a normal user, but I find being unable to create a new 
folder when they are too many rows a pain as well.


Jannis Pohlmann wrote:
> On Thu, 06 Apr 2006 13:18:56 +0200
> Björn Martensen <bjoern.martensen at gmail.com> wrote:
>> ligu wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> A small suggestion...
>>> The ability to create a new folder by "right click -> create
>>> folder" when "view as detailed list" is selected.
>>> This works when there is few items in the directory but not when
>>> the item count is so large that the scroll list is visible.
>> Yeah, that's pretty annoying sometimes. You have to use ctrl+shift+n
>> or use the menu to create the new folder.
>> It's because benny wants the options in the context menu to be only
>> for the selected item.
> Which is quite understandable due to the way GtkTreeView works. On
> Windows, you just select the labels of files in the details view, but
> in Gtk, you always select the whole row and you can't click anywhere
> else if there are a lot of rows. 
> One idea would be to add this feature to the context menu of the
> pathbar buttons. This is the only place where it makes sense, I think.
> - Jannis
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