[Thunar-dev] Website updated and a touch of color

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at xfce.org
Wed Sep 21 20:47:55 CEST 2005

Benedikt Meurer schreef:
> Jeff Franks wrote:
>>>>I was working on some different color schemes, for fun mainly, to see if 
>>>>I could find any good looking alternatives. The first link is the 
>>>>original and I think it looks the best. Suprizingly, the second link 
>>>>(the orange scheme) doesn't look too bad. The colors in the other two 
>>>>look a bit washed out. Any preferences?
>>>3 looks good. The screenshots page is missing the brown line on top, and
>>>the scrolling on the content area still doesn't work. Can you fix these
>>>two issues, and afterwards copy the page to thunar.xfce.org docroot?
>>I have fixed 3, including removing the navigation bar and replacing it 
>>with  the name of the current page. What do you think? I have to go to 
>>bed now but I can copy it over tomorrow.
> Scrolling still doesn't work on "Home", while it works on "Screenshots".
>  Concerning the navigation bar, I think it's better to have the most
> important items here, rather than the title of the current page.
> You can send me a tarball with the fixes and I'll upload (hopefully Auke
> will add you to "thunar" soon ;-).

Hmm, guess I'm too late for this, but I much prefer the blue variants. 
The brown one is ok, but I don't think it fits very well with the blue 
window decorations in the screenshots and the blue headings.


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