[Thunar-dev] Website template CSS update

Jeff Franks jcfranks at tpg.com.au
Tue Sep 20 05:21:31 CEST 2005

Hi again,

I have modified the CSS file to display a narrower sidebar. Its width is 
now 14em instead of 16em. Here are a couple of things you should keep in 
mind when you look at the template.

Firstly, the website does display properly in Konqueror, Opera and 
Firefox 1.5b1. As soon as I can get my hands on the IE download for 
Linux I'll check that out as well :-) . There are a few rendering and 
scrolling bugs in firefox 1.04. I think you have to ignore these because 
1.04 will be short lived whereas the Thunar website wont. Eventually, 
everyone will have 1.5 and it wont be an issue.

Secondly, as Jannis rightly pointed out, it's a bad idea to set font 
type and size for ordinary text in a web page. Especially font sizes 
less than 1em. This is because you override the user's font prefences 
which might not be suitable for the user. It is much better the design a 
website to look reasonable at most font sizes and leave it up to the 
user to decide what font to use. A case in point is for vision impaired 
people (such as with Macula Degeneration). They usually look a web page 
using a very, very large font. Another case is on PDA's. Web pages 
should look reasonable on these small devices as well, but most web 
pages don't. If you have a look at the template using different font 
sizes you will see that the layout scales up and down reasonably well.

Lastly, the current file extension used is .xhtml. This can always be 
changed to .html if preferred.

Jeff Franks.

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