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Tim Tassonis timtas at cubic.ch
Wed Sep 14 17:38:23 CEST 2005

Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> Biju Chacko wrote:
>>> I always thought 
>>> xfce is supposed to be an alternative for people that like to do without 
>>> all that additional, costly stuff. A separate vfs layer certainly would 
>>> go into that direction.
>> Well, in xfce we've never followed the approach of "avoid features in 
>> order to avoid bloat". Fluxbox et al do a better job of that approach 
>> anyway.
>> I think our approach has always been "balance features and bloat and 
>> always do it the *right* way"

I totally agree, I just don't agree that a separate vfs layer is "the 
right way". Implementing something on a higher level that is already 
present on a lower level is not "the right thing" in my opinion.

I think the argument of supporting "additional information like 
metadata, mime/type etc" is fundamentally wrong, exactly because the 
Linux/UNIX/Posix VFS layer does not support it. So you have to implement 
the File/metadata mapping yourself anyway for 99% of all files you're 
ever going to manage.

As far as I can see very few remote filesystems actually provide 
metadata and mime-type information that could be used directly by this 
higher level. SMB with NTFS might provide this, but I doubt anybody will 
write a thunar vfs module supporting NTFS streams in the near future. As 
for audio cds, mobile phones, etc.: they all do not provide this 
information at the moment.

> <irony>Your best bet if you want a really lightweight solution is to
> deinstall the operating system. Or even better, don't power on your
> computer at all, that's a fantastic resource saver.</irony>

That would not be a solution to manage files on a computer, would it? 
But you realize that yourself, you just wanted to make me look like a fool.

Thanks a lot

>> -- b
> Benedikt
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