[Thunar-dev] Thunar Extension Framework

Biju Chacko botsie at xfce.org
Wed Sep 14 07:58:50 CEST 2005

Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> The extension framework is not meant to solve these issues. For this
> kind of "extensibility" we'd need to either (a) export a lot of
> internals of the file manager or (b) extend the VFS layer. While my
> original plan was to do (a), I've came to the conclusion, that this is
> not a really good idea, and (b) would do better here (together with a
> flexible metadata framework). But (b) requires a *LOT* of work.

Well, keep it a long term plan then. I don't think anybody is expecting 
everything including the kitchen sink in Thunar 1.0 :)

IMO, an extensible VFS has some pluses and minuses:

Plus side:

* A lot of similar operations like ftp, sftp, smb can be supported as 

* A different kind of file management metaphor such as keyword based 
categorised searches (think gmail for local files) could be implemented.

Minus side:

* Perhaps an extensible VFS layer may add overhead.

* Shoehorning odd things into a file manager metaphor (eg config settings)

-- b

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