[Thunar-dev] Thunar Extension Framework

Nikola Pizurica pizurica at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 09:12:16 CEST 2005

> Use cases that I can see would be allowing programs like "Beagle" to 
> provide
> virtual folders as a plubin, which would contain running [saved] queries, 
> or to
> allow navigation within a tarball, or maybe some sort of "directory 
> unifier"
> plugin, to allow displaying all document directories across the computer 
> as
> one directory, and many other interesting uses.

If that can be acomplished, I would be happy puppy. As a long time BeOS 
user, since r4, I keep looking for BeOS' Tracker features in any Linux 
filer, but with no luck. Live queries was the strongest point of using BeOS. 
Tracker was so good that some new features found in new Nautilus were taken 
from it. It would be great if someone who is working on Thunar to install 
BeOS Personal Edition and try it, I'm certain it would bring some 
interesting UI ideas. Tracker and BeOs in general are similar in their goals 
like Thunar and XFce4, IMHO. Clean, simple but powerfull, without bloat, but 
nice to the eye.
Unfortunately, I found beagle to be awefully slow on older hardware (my old 
dual Celly), like any mono app.

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