[Thunar-dev] Fallback website

Jannis Pohlmann info at sten-net.de
Fri Sep 9 13:19:04 CEST 2005

Jeff Franks schrieb:
> Jannis Pohlmann wrote:
>>>I'm just about finished the new layout pages using NO TABLES. I'm trying 
>>>to choose the minimum web page width to minimize ugly overlap of page 
>>>elements when the browser window is narrowed. Just out of curiosity why 
>>>does the page have to fit into an 890x670 firefox window?  To set one 
>>>mimimum width across all elements I have placed the entire <body> 
>>></body> in a #container element. If I set the minimum width for this 
>>>container to 890px will that be about right?
>>Don't use fixed sizes (px). It's almost as ugly as tables layouts.
>>Instead, try using % and em.
> Jannis,
> I have used the same layout and elements as before but entriely in a CSS 
> file. The problem I have is this. The navigational sidebar is on the 
> right side of the page and set to 20%. It contains some links. Benedikt 
> doesn't like the links to wrap when the browser window is narrowed. If 
> the links wrap there is no problem. If the sidebar's white-space is set 
> to nowrap, the links don't wrap but this creates an alignment/painting 
> problem. As the window in narrowed the page's elements decrease in width 
> because they are set to: main area 80% and sidebar 20%, but the links 
> don't wrap so they extend off the far right hand side of the sidebar 
> exposing a different colored background, which just happens to be white. 
> The right hand side of the page has 3 different colors that are the 
> colors of the header and footer, the top navagational bar and the 
> sidebar. So I can't just fudge it by picking one color. If I put the 
> entire body in a container element and set the minimum width to 890 the 
> page still looks good because the horizontal scrollbar appears before 
> the sidebar links poke out off the right hand edge of the page exposing 
> the background color.

There are at least two possibilities:

1. Undefine the width of the main/content area and set the width of
   the sidebar to XXem (where XX is a number betwen, lets say, 10 and 20
   em). When the window is narrowed this will cause the sidebar to grow
   larger in proportion to the main/content area but for most people
   this will do.

2. Add overflow:hidden to the sidebar. This forces the overlapping
   content to be hidden. Well, not a nice solution at all since people
   should be able to read the contents of the website completely.

(3. Convince Benny of letting the contents wrap.)


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