[Thunar-dev] Thumbnails (again)

Yo'av Moshe bjesus at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 08:12:04 CEST 2005

The thing is that applications like gThumb or F-Spot aren't file
managers, which means they can't be used for moving files around and
to do other file operations.

Thunar isn't meant to replace Image Managers and to be one, but when
you mess with files that are images and all their names are
IMG00??.jpg, it's useful to know what picture you are moving without
starting eye-of-gnome, gqview, gthumb, etc'.

That's why I think Thumbnails should always be on.


On 9/5/05, Biju Chacko <botsie at xfce.org> wrote:
> Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> > Ok, we had that thumbnails discussion some time ago, and since there was
> > no real consensus about which way to go (separate thumb view or
> > thumbnails in all views), I just went the way most people seemed to
> > prefer, having thumbnails in all views (we can still add a separate
> > thumb view later with this solution).
> >
> > The performance is quite ok from my current tests. Still I'd like
> > everybody to try it out and comment on the performance. Note that Thunar
> > cannot yet generate thumbnails of its own, so you'll need to visit the
> > target folders with another file manager (e.g. Nautilus) or a image
> > viewer capable of creating thumbnails first.
> I generally use a thumbnail program like gthumb or gqview to manage
> images. On the other hand, they are kinda handy when I'm browsing around
> in a directory of mixed files and a few images are also there.
> In short, I'd like to be able to toggle thumbs. I'm not sure if the
> default should be toggled on or off -- I'd prefer it off, but I suppose
> most users would like it on.
> -- b
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