[Thunar-dev] Seeking for a french translator ?

Auke Kok sofar at foo-projects.org
Mon Nov 7 20:12:05 CET 2005

Landry Breuil wrote:

>I'm a french user of Thunar, and i follow its development (check svn and 
>recompile, suscribe to thunar-dev) as regularly as possible.... i'd like 
>to contribute for the french translation. I have already used gettext() 
>and such functions in a perl program developped by myself, and i'm 
>familiar with the use of .mo/.po files.(msgid/msgstr/etc...)

I'm gonna give you answers to the non-specific questions (with regard to 
translation but not to french etc.)

>Questions :
>- do you *need* a french translator for Thunar, or more globally for all 
>xfce parts ?
This is covered on the i18n.xfce.org wiki - it seems like the french 
translation is missing (visit the STATS link at the bottom, then go to 
by language -> thunar.)

So yes, thunar needs a french translation


Thunar is in heavy development, and strings are not even close to near 
freezing, so your translation might not be very useful - in the end more 
than 90% of it might be thrown away because benny decided to rename all 
commands in the interface (for example).

If you don't mind that, read on

>- do i have to suscribe to xfce-i18n ?

no, but it helps, I advice you to at least browse the i18n wiki and keep 
a close look on the list of maintainers (we already have french 
translators for xfce - they will get to translating thunar eventually 
too - you might want to work with them).

>- what is the simplest way to contribute ? Grabbin' a .po, modify the 
>strings with french text/translation, and put it on a download space on 
>the net, in order to add it to the svn tree ? Directly askin' for an svn 
>account ?

We have 2 translator coordinators, they accept patches emailed to them. 
This is also covered in the i18n mailinglist. We don't give out svn 
access for people who want to translate package X into Y - we already 
have developers who translate everythign into Y - so you can always send 
X your .po file - saves us a step. (the list of french translators is on 
the wiki).

>- how do i know some new strings are added to the sources/.po, and need 
>to be "synchronized"/translated ? Just daily checkout of svn ?

daily is hardly useful - it doesn't change that fast. You're better off 
waiting until Benny thinks it's a good idea to translate everything 
(string freeze). Such a time will be announced on the i18n ML or this 
one. Staying tuned with the mailinglists is important.


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