[Thunar-dev] Plugin idea

David abcdefg at solcon.nl
Tue May 31 22:07:07 CEST 2005


I read in the archives that the project is going slow and someone is
leaving, so I don't know if my message is usefull but I though it could
never harm to tell my idea :) I think the GUI design of thunar is very
good if not perfect ;)

I like xfce and especially the xfce4-panel because default it is very
small and fast but I can extend it very easy with plugins. I think this
is also a good idea for thunar.

For instance thunar should only be able to browse the filesystem using
the gui like the current prototype. Also it should be able to check
which filetype a file has. 
Than there are plugins which are seperated programs (and therefore it
doesn't matter in which language they are written) who can associate
themselve with filetypes. For the filetypes they are associated with you
could execute the program by right clicking on the file and chose the
plugin from the popup menu.
To be more clear I will give two examples:

A decompress plugin would associate itself with .bz2 .gz and .zip files.
When you don't have this plugin installed the right click menu will be
small and clean just like the panel but when it is installed if you
click right on a compressed file you see the text decompress.

A plugin for xmms could at two items for music files. When you right
click on a mp3 or ogg file you see two items "enquee in xmms" and "play
in xmms".

Such an association file could look like

I think this would make it easyer to write thunar and easyer to extend

Please give me your opinion about this idee? 


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