[Thunar-dev] UI proposal: actions folders

Agostino Russo agostino.russo at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 10:37:32 CET 2005

With xffm I often navigate with the keyboard but then I end up using the 
mouse to select the action, because now there is to way to select an 
action using the same keys I normally use for navigating. This is slow, 
the suggested UI addresses this problem, I could do (almost) everything 
by keyboard without moving my wrist and using only 4 keys. This is both 
quicker to use than any current implementation and easy to learn (only 4 
buttons with intuitive meaning). Isn't this MUCH simpler than any other 
file manager around?

>> Ick.  So what happens if someone has a folder named ACTIONS?

Simply the ACTIONS folder can be higlighted in a different way (r.g. 
italics + different colour + different icon), and it will be the first 

In fact you can get exactly the same functionality without showing any 
ACTIONS folder at all!

Simply, when you press RIGHT DIRECTION, on an expanded folder or on a 
file, the available actions for that item will be shown as a context menu.

Visually it will be identical to a normal tree. The only difference will 
be when you press the right directional button in an already expanded 
folder or on a file. Now with xffm absolutely nothing happens. While now 
we show the context menu (left key cancels the context menu). A tiny 
difference which will make keyboard-guys MUCH happier.

I think this solution could be acceptable.

>> really see what's wrong with right-clicks (no, "I use a Mac and don't 
>> have a right mouse button," isn't an excuse: get a reasonable pointing 
>> device).  

Nobody said right clicks should be abolished. But this allows to 
navigate and taking an action very quickly only using the keyboard. If 
you want to use the mouse as usual you can certainly do so. Nothing changes.

>> It just sounds overly complicated 

I would say the contrary, it would be like mc, but with far less keys to 
memorize. Very nice if you are a keyboard guy (I am), no different if 
you are a mouse guy.

>> the right answer is keybindings

In fact that is what I am suggesting, using the right directional key to 
expand the context menu!!! Left to hide it. CTRL/Shift + directional 
keys to control multiple selections.

Kind regards

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