[Thunar-dev] Virtual root node

Benedikt Meurer benny at xfce.org
Tue Feb 15 23:23:23 CET 2005

I came across this question yesterday evening:

Should we have a virtual root node like `Computer' (Gnome) or something 
like that? So all other nodes (Filesystem, Home, Removable Media) are 
children of that node.

The reasons leading to this:

  1) With the current design ideas, we have a special URI media type 
'home://' that refers to files belows the users home directory. And 
going `Up' from 'home://' should not be possible (atleast it should not 
jump to 'file:///usr/home' then). But not being able to go `Up' from 
$HOME is a bit too restrictive and not very easy.

  2) Having 3 or 4 toplevel root nodes in a treepane seems to be very 
uncommon for a software that handles files/directories. A single root 
node seems to be the common case here (e.g. `Computer' in Gnome, 
`Desktop' in Windows, `/' in KDE, ...).



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