[Thunar-dev] Status?

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Mon Aug 29 22:23:40 CEST 2005

Anders Aagaard wrote:
> Hi
> I just signed up, as I'm interested in starting to help develop thunar a
> bit, what's the status of the code?  Where is more work needed/whats
> being worked on activly?  Also is there a plugin api or something so
> make support for for example remote filesystems? (would be a nice way to
> do some coding and "get to know" the code without reading a ton on the
> main source itself).

Writing a filesystem implementation will require a lot of knowledge 
about the architecture and the codebase. Besides that, Thunar 1.0 will 
not include a plugin API that allows you to hook up custom file systems. 
The remote filesystem support will be provided by D-VFS once finished.

If you want to help, there are quite a few open TODO items for Thunar 1.0:

- A ThunarVfsVolume implementation for SysV/Linux.
- The ThunarTreePane module (which includes three classes 
ThunarTreeModel, ThunarTreeView and ThunarTreePane, just like 
ThunarFavouritesPane), which will display a folder tree in the side pane.
- The ThunarVfsMimeLegacy provider still lacks support for magic detection.

For starters, you may want to get your hands dirty with the mime legacy 
magic stuff, as that's completely independent of the other components 
and quite easy to implement (the shared mime database spec and the 
xdgmime reference implementation offer all required informations).

> Is there any official/unofficial irc channel?

There's #thunar on freenode, but I'm not sure about the current status 
of the channel.

> Anders Aagaard


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