[Thunar-dev] more ideas on the location bar (and microsoft stole the idea)

Sebastian Raterman daeluin at skizzers.org
Sat Aug 6 02:45:47 CEST 2005

Benedikt Meurer wrote:

>Javier Aravena wrote:
>>look at this longhorn screenshot, it's a sweet idea to change to folder 
>>from certain position (sunno if longhorn are nested, please, if you 
>>implement this don't make menus nested), I guess the arrow isn't needed, 
>>just press the button for a certain amount of time (if you relase the  
>>mouse button over the folder  button  it  should take you  to  that 
>>floder, If you keep the button pressed (maybe the amount of time should 
>>be calculated form the clicking spped in xfce settings) 
>"Sorry, the page you're trying to reach is temporarily unavailable or 
>the page may no longer exist."
>Maybe you can upload a copy of the pic somewhere?
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Here's a working link:

I like Javier's idea as well.  The arrows detract from the simplicity of 
the path, yet the feature could  be useful. A click delay could work, 
yet might not be intuitive or speedily used.

What is the current right-click action for path icons in the location 
bar? (There doesn't seem to be one for my version of the gtk chooser.) 
Left-click takes you to that folder, right-click could bring up the 
sub-dir list for that folder. Would be intuitive and useful.

I've been following this list for a few months, the work you're doing is 
great. Thanks!

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