[Thunar-dev] some help with new file manager > toolbars plz..

damanseb at hotmail.com damanseb at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 14 21:57:57 CEST 2005


I will use GtkAction/GtkUIManager then..
Any more things i should keep in mind when writing?
Any more suggestions like these?

Very much appreciated, thanks again..

Sebastiaan / SmokeyXL

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> damanseb at hotmail.com wrote:
>> GTK says its best to use GtkIconFactory loaded with stock and application
>> specific icons for the toolbar buttons
>> How this construction works simply doesn't make sense to maybe or maybe 
>> i'm
>> just not seeing it atm.
>> I don't know where to start with this..
>> My question: could somebody provide me with a sample of adding a toolbar 
>> to
>> a window?
> Definitely do NOT use GtkItemFactory (I assume that's what you meant, as
> GtkIconFactory is for something else).  It's been deprecated for quite
> some time.  Unfortunately, your menu code probably isn't going to be
> that useful, because both the menus and toolbar in Thunar will be
> (should be?) based on GtkAction/GtkUIManager.
> By far the most valuable reference is the GTK API reference.  There's a
> link to that on the left-hand side of the gtk.org website.  The tutorial
> is useful as well, but it's incomplete and outdated in some areas.
> Personally I think the tutorial is only really useful for learning GTK
> basics for people with no familiarity with the toolkit at all.  I
> haven't done so yet, but you might try googling around a bit to find
> information on GtkAction/GtkUIManager.
> -brian
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