[Thunar-dev] ctrl-L can "/" can both be used

Joe Crawford joetainment at gmail.com
Sun Apr 10 14:31:40 CEST 2005

Hmm... because of international keyboards, it would seem some people
prefer ctrl-l to backslash. I would suggest to make it easiest for
people coming from rox and nautilus, ctrl-l and "/" should both access
the text entry field. I do not believe they should act differently
however, as users would feel put out when they wanted to use the
method that didn't agree with their hotkey preference..

I think the first push of "/" or ctrl+L should bring up the path input
with all text selected. If you push "/" again it would replace the
text and of course you'd be specifying a root path. If you typed
something else however, (or pushed the right arrow before typying,
thus adding to the path displayed) it would be sensibly be relative to
the current folder.

A big complaint about the ctrl+L method (or "/", any hotkey really) is
discoverability. That is why I recomment a toggle button beside the
path that goes from path buttons to text entry and back. What do
people think of that idea?

Btw, most of the time, I do like the idea of following nautilus hotkey
defaults. (Personally, I'd be using nautilus all the time, in browser
mode, if it wasn't so resource hungry. The speed/memory issue is why I
use rox.)


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