[Goodies-dev] [Bug 11161] xfce4-battery-plugin 1.0.5 displaying "50%%" (double percent)

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Thu Sep 18 14:30:34 CEST 2014


--- Comment #6 from Sebastian Pipping <webmaster at hartwork.org> ---
Hello again,

> Calling this code 'trashcan' is unkindly too, esp when lots of different ppl
> spent time on it in the past years.

By "to code for the trashcan" I meant that writing a patch with little hope on
someone looking at it, would be like coding to the trashcan directly: that
would apply to any project.  By no means I intended to call this project a
trashcan.  I have been a happy a happy user of the battery plugins and XFCE in
general for quite a while now.  Sorry, I could have said it more clearly.

(In reply to Landry Breuil from comment #5)
> You know, i've tried to have a look at it, and it's not so straightforward.
> 50%% is displayed because that's the default label set for battmon->charge
> - which means in certain circumstances, battmon->charge is *not* updated to
> reflect system state. 
> - probably because gtk_label_set_text(battmon->charge,buffer); line 514 is
> never called.
> - probably because if(battmon->options.display_percentage && charge > 0 &&
> !(battmon->options.hide_when_full && acline && charge >= 99)) line 510 is
> false. Now, to find the reasons... one has to debug it. And that means time.
> If you're willing to look into it, checking all codepaths, in several
> distinct situations and make sure that doesnt break other things, great,
> send me a patch, and i'll gladly apply it, then roll a 1.0.6.

I see, so it's two different issue combined then:

* double percent rather than a single one in the default text

* the default text shown while (if I understand you correctly) it should not
be, despite lack of a battery

I didn't expect the latter.

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