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--- Comment #5 from Landry Breuil <landry at xfce.org> ---
(In reply to Sebastian Pipping from comment #4)
> (In reply to Raphael Groner from comment #3)
> > Feel free to supply a patch.
> I'd do, if it would look like there was a chance that someone would revew
> and apply it and roll a new release after.  1.0.5 is two years old and I
> hate to code for the trashcan.
> > Wining around and opening as much individual
> > reports as possible about the same already known issue won't help anybody
> As I said, I've seen it after opening the bug.  I didn't expect such
> five-minute-fix to be know and not fixed.
> > and may be considered as just being spam. Sorry, I don't want to sound
> > unkindly.
> But you do.  If you review, apply, release, I make you a patch and we have a
> deal.

You know, i've tried to have a look at it, and it's not so straightforward.

50%% is displayed because that's the default label set for battmon->charge
- which means in certain circumstances, battmon->charge is *not* updated to
reflect system state. 
- probably because gtk_label_set_text(battmon->charge,buffer); line 514 is
never called.
- probably because if(battmon->options.display_percentage && charge > 0 &&
!(battmon->options.hide_when_full && acline && charge >= 99)) line 510 is
false. Now, to find the reasons... one has to debug it. And that means time.

If you're willing to look into it, checking all codepaths, in several distinct
situations and make sure that doesnt break other things, great, send me a
patch, and i'll gladly apply it, then roll a 1.0.6.

Calling this code 'trashcan' is unkindly too, esp when lots of different ppl
spent time on it in the past years.

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