[Goodies-dev] [Bug 9594] xfce4-panel-plugin-battery: shows 50%% if no battery found, settings do not work

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--- Comment #7 from Ingmar Soares <kingmar.debian at gmail.com> ---
I've fixed my xfce4 Battery plugin (not completely, but my plugin doesnt show
the annoying 50%%).

The problem is that the deb package which is in the reppos comes with a
libbattery.so compiled with a libbattery.c with errors.

I don't know C, so i can't fix the problem which makes settings dont affect the
plugin when the battery in umplugged, but i fixed the message.. my plugin shows
"No Battery" instead "50%%".

What i did:

Downloaded the source package: xfce4-battery-plugin-1.0.5 

edited the file: 


in this file edit line 698:  Change "50%%" with "No Battery"

Now compile the package, ./configure && make  BUT NOT INSTALL then copy the




In my case (Debian Wheezy amd_64) i use this location, to find yours download
and extract your xfce4-battery-plugin precompiled package and search for the
file libbattery.so, use the same location to copy your Fixed plugin file.

It's a middle solution, but i'm using linux since 1 month and i don't have
enough knowledge to fix this for all the community but i'm sure that anyone who
read that and have the needed knowledge can fix this bug without problems.

Thanks For ALL!!!


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