[Goodies-dev] Getting started with goodies-dev

Adam Black ablack at fastmail.net
Mon Dec 12 01:20:25 CET 2011

I would like to contribute towards xfce4 development. To start there are 
some features I would like to add to the xfce4-power-manager such as 
allowing the user to set a default screen brightness on battery and AC.

I've checked out the xfpm git repository and was wondering where to get 
started. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

* I have not done any GTK development.  How do goodies-devs design the 
UI. Is glade the way to go, or are these xml files created by hand? I 
tried loading a ui file in glade and got an error about xfce4 catalogs 
missing. I'm using Arch linux and have installed the xfce4-dev package 
so what else do I need if I want to work on goodies features.

* Are there any existing information or guides which can get me started?

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