[Goodies-dev] Git space for xfce4-namebar-plugin

Trent McPheron twilightinzero at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 00:54:07 CEST 2010

Hi. I would like some git space for a panel plugin I am developing called xfce4-namebar-plugin. It is a Vala/xfce4-panel port of a gnome-panel applet called Namebar, which replicates titlebar functionality in the panel. Paired with maximus, you can turn XFCE into a netbook-friendly DE.

It has no translation or localization support yet, and is made for the 4.6 panel, but the plugin is 99% functional and 99% stable at this point. Namebar's original developer has discontinued development, recommending Window Applets, but xfce4-namebar-plugin is still the only one that provides this functionality natively without xfapplet, and I would like to give it a home on xfce's official repository and goodies website.

Thank you all for your consideration,
Trent McPheron

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