[Goodies-dev] xfpm XF86Suspend key is mapped to hibernate

Ali Abdallah aliov at xfce.org
Tue Oct 20 09:54:59 CEST 2009

Adam Black wrote:
> Hey Ali,

Hey Adam,

> I think since the recent xorg upgrade in Arch, my sleep key - which I 
> recall being be mapped to XF86Sleep, is now mapped to XF86Suspend.
> In terms of xfpm, this means instead of having to configure a sleep 
> action, I now need to configure a hibernate action.
> I was wondering whether XF86Sleep and XF86Suspend should resolve to 
> the same action in xfpm. I'm not whether there is an XF86Hibernate key 
> which would be more appropriate for hibernating.
This is a big mess with mapping, see 

In principle XF86Suspend should be mapped for suspend, because the 
declation in XF86keysym.h is like that:

#define XF86XK_Suspend        0x1008FFA7   /* Sleep to RAM              */
#define XF86XK_Hibernate    0x1008FFA8   /* Sleep to disk               */

however we decided to map this key as hibernate because it works for 
some people, so xfpm and gpm have the same mapping for this key, so what 
is gpm and xfpm is as follow:

XF86XK_Suspend = Hibernate.
XF86XK_Hibernate = Hibernate.
XF86XK_Sleep = Suspend.

Here's Richard's (author of gpm) comment in gpm-button.c about this issue:
* The kernel messes up suspend/hibernate in some places. One of
* them is the key names. Unfortunately, they refuse to see the
* errors of their way in the name of 'compatibility'. Meh

> Maybe I am wrong and it is just a problem with xorg.
The wrong thing is these kind of trivial work is still not done 
properly, at the limit i could provide a hidden key for configuring xfpm 
to map XF86XK_Suspend to whether Hibernate or to Suspend via xfconf, the 
default value for this key is open for voting :).
> Adam


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