[Goodies-dev] Xfce power manager version 0.8.0alpha is ready for testing

Ali Abdallah aliov at xfce.org
Sun Mar 29 20:10:13 CEST 2009

Hi All,

I'm pleased to announce an alpha version of the 0.8 for testing, so 
please if you have time give it a try to help me debugging it, download [1].

This version is a complete re-write of the power manager, here is a list 
of changes:

*: Dropping libhal dependency and doing simple proxy calls instead, this 
means that you don't need the hal library to compile
    xfpm, you just need hald running to run xfpm.
*: The Hal code inside xfpm is written in the same way as 
libdevkit-power-gobject such a way migrating to
    devkit-power will be very easy and not time consuming.
*: Settings dialog simplified and re-written using glade and libxfcegui4 
*: Provide standard freedesktop compliant power management and inhibit 
*: Provide battery informations dialog in the context menu.
*: Xfpm detects now if the session is idle and reduces the laptop 
brightness if enabled.
*: Xfpm will disable automatically dpms and brightness control if it 
detects that user is watching a movie.
*: New brightness panel plugin to control laptop brightness.
*: New inhibit panel plugin to monitor/change the inhibit status of the 
power manager (should work with gpm as well).
*: XF86 keys (Sleep, Suspend, Brightness, ... ) now are detected and 
used in xfpm instead of hal legacy buttons
    ( laptop lid still uses HAL ).
*: Xfpm now correctly handle HAL disconnection (shouldn't happen).


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