[Goodies-dev] ANN: xfmpc version 0.1.0 released

Mike Massonnet mmassonnet at xfce.org
Sun Mar 29 14:42:14 CEST 2009

Le Sun, 29 Mar 2009 13:19:01 +0200,
Fabian Nowak <timystery at arcor.de> a écrit :

> Bon jour Mike (enfin pas de pluie chez moi),

Auch kein Renn hier (sorry for the bad spelling, especially for
Regen :p)

> Am Sonntag, den 29.03.2009, 12:38 +0200 schrieb Mike Massonnet:
> > Le Sat, 28 Mar 2009 23:22:00 +0100,
> > Fabian Nowak <timystery at arcor.de> a écrit :
> > The right main context menu may follow, but I kinda like the
> > little arrow button that is like never-used, maybe once you run the
> > app but not more and then to switch repeat/random.
> Though, it really is completely different and one would never expect a
> mix of functionality hidden beyond; actually because there already are
> two buttons; I think this is what confuses the user. Dunno, but when I
> would use the "clear" button (which could use the gtk-clear whatever
> symbol instead of the gtk-new-file), how would I actually add new
> content? By using "search database"? This one is also in the
> right-click menu, and in the beginning I did not understand that
> "context action" in the playlist. Back to the buttons, I suggest to
> only have one a little more "appealing" button thatn the current
> three, i.e. merge all of them and perhaps use a different icon to
> make the button a litte wider and more understandable.
> Concerning the double functionality of "search database", I  propose
> to remove the "search database from the context menus entirely while
> more indicating the importance of the combo box; and simply place
> "Entire database" there instead of the "Search database", perhaps
> that would make things more clear.
> > 
> > "had lots of trouble finding the settings". Com'on, there are four
> > buttons, it doesn't take much time to click on them, and then you
> > already used the whole interface. 
> Well OK, but I really had closed the applicatio nbefore and decided
> lateron to give it a second try.
> > Maybe the fact that you searched for
> > a right click menu means that you tried a habit that comes from
> > another player. Again, the settings button is barely used, so there
> > is no good reason to have it on the main interface.
> Uh, others might argue and think differently, at least people are very
> used to their habits. Anyway, as above, one might clearly separate the
> context menu functionality from the button functionality, i.e. no
> searching, no information in the right-click menu but only actions
> related to the songs.

There is misunderstanding here, the "Search database" and "Information"
items are only for the songs. Search database is in reality Browse,
which opens the Database browser (available through the combo box)
directly under the directory of the selected song. Also Information
displays a dialog with all the tags (year, album, ...) of the selected
song. Those actions are only available in the playlist context menu.
What should really be done is to hide the menu when no song is
selected or when the player is not connected.

> > > Also, the program crashed on my system when  trying to obtain the
> > > information from the context menu when not having a valid
> > > connection in the beginning and also at another action, can't
> > > remember which one it was, and the program is still loading for
> > > next tries...
> > 
> > I just reproduced, thanks for the catch, it's fixed.
> Thanks, but still from the right click menu the information does not
> pop up while from the button menu it does.
> It is still producing crashes when trying to search the database from
> the right-click menu when not connected. I had a look at the code
> yesterday but without success until now, the first pointers are valid
> at least. Gonna step via gdb  now...


> >  [...]
> Well, as you see, I do have at least so many files when I'm using the
> all_files playlist, and other playlists contain hundreds to thousands
> of songs, so I can provide you a little feedback from time to time
> when you worked on it or help in tackling the problem  a little.

Cool! Tho right now, trunk is going to be rewritten in Vala, priority
to that first.

> Best regards
> Fabian
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