[Goodies-dev] xfce4-battery don't update charge level

Andrwe Lord Weber lord-weber-andrwe at renona-studios.org
Fri Mar 20 08:20:26 CET 2009

I've now installed the latest hal-version (0.5.12_rc1) but that doesn't 
changed anything.

 >On 17.03.2009 19:00, Ali Abdallah wrote:
>> Andrwe Lord Weber wrote:
>>> Ali Abdallah schrieb:
>>>> Andrwe Lord Weber wrote:
>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>> I'm using xfce4-4.6.0 on Gentoo.
>>>>> The panel-plugins xfce4-battery and -power-manager don't update 
>>>>> there charging level automatically.
>>>>> ACPI is active in the kernel and if I'm reading the state manually 
>>>>> with "cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/state" both plugins update thier 
>>>>> values.
>>>> Not sure if i understand what you exactly mean here, please provide 
>>>> more details.
>>> I meant the plugins show a charging level of 99% if fully loaded 
>>> although I'm working on battery mode until I use the given command to 
>>> see the real chargment.
>>> After using it both plugins update their percentage once.
>>> It is also updated if I plug in/out the cable.
>> You can do the following, lshal -m, then run the above command and see 
>> if this is causing hald to update the current charge value.
 >I've done this and the result is like I mentioned.
 >As long as I'm doing nothing there is no reaction but if I use the >above
 >commend there is an update.
 >I've tried it at irregular intervals and it's always the same result.
>>>>> Although the left time of charging and decharging is to high, e.g. 
>>>>> if my battery is fully charged they say I can work for 27 hours.
>>>>> xfce4-battery-version: 0.5.1
>>>>> xfce4-power-manager-version: 0.6.4
>>>> Very strange, at least in the power manager, since we read this 
>>>> information from hald, and we don't accept any estimated time 
>>>> greater than 8 hours!
>>> The 27 hours are shown by the battery-plugin. How can I see the time 
>>> using power-manager?

I've also tested the time again which is shown by power-manager.
You're right values above 8 hours weren't shown but if the battery reach 
a charge level of 20% the power-manager shows a left time of 7 hours. 
(would be nice if it were true ^^)


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