[Goodies-dev] ANN: whaawmp released

Christian Dywan christian at twotoasts.de
Tue Jul 21 18:05:44 CEST 2009

Am Tue, 21 Jul 2009 12:29:18 +0200
schrieb Mark Trompell <mark at foresightlinux.org>:

> On 15/07/2009 we released of Whaaw media player. I wasn't
> able to send an announcement earlier though.
> Thanks to Jeff, who actually did all the work.
> Here is a small probably summary of changes:
> * dvd menus are working now
> * switched to gtkbuilder
> * lot's of fixes
> consult the commitlog for details.
> Download this release:
>   http://download.gna.org/whaawmp/
> Changelog:
>   http://gitorious.org/whaawmp/mainline/commits/0.2.12
> Project website:
>   http://home.gna.org/whaawmp/

Hey Mark,

I just tried it out, it works nicely from my first impression and plays
small and highly resolved videos.

My personal must-have would be soft subtitles. There doesn't seem to be
an option for that currently.
Should I file a request in the Xfce tracker? I saw gna.org but there
was no way to report bugs as far as I noticed.
And if you have time for this, please don't make it the usability hell
that mplayer makes it. Just a menu to select the subtitles and a font
size option somewhere.


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