[Goodies-dev] Transifex translation branches

Jannis Pohlmann jannis at xfce.org
Wed Aug 12 00:22:31 CEST 2009

Hey guys,

I'm working on a script that generates projects, components, collections
users for our transifex installation on https://translations.xfce.org.
Most of it runs smoothly. 

I've decided to leave out all branches older than Xfce 4.4. In
addition, I'm ignoring a number of exotic branches. Currently, these

  /java/, /exo-thumbnailers/, /exo-0.2/,
  /madkiss/, /xfce-4.0/, /xfce-4.2/,
  /maybe/, /BMEURER/, /oldmaster/, /mastershadow/,
  /4_3_old/, /vendor/, /^4.2$/, /^4.0$/, /t-a-p-2008/,
  /migration-to-gio/, /design/, /thunar-nonthreaded/, /^4.3$/, /INIT/,
  /sofar/, /unlabeled/, /remco/, /start/, /Roger/, /bile/, /before_gstreamer/,
  /aguelzow/, /oldpanel/, /b0kaj/, /initial/, /tobias/, /nebulon/,
  /eduard/, /xfce-dev/, /old-thunar-vfs/, /dannym/, /bschlarmann/,
  /XFCE4_2_SUPPORT/, /compose-key/, /sasoiliev/, /trick/, /, /,
  /old_libxfmusic4/, /merge-support/, /parser-rewrite/,
  /KORBINUS/, /^phase$/, /^old$/

Does this look good? Is there a branch among these that should not be

There are a few projects where I'm not sure which branches we want to
allow translations for. So, please, if you're a maintainer of one of the
following projects, please tell me which of the listed branches should
be translatable and which should not ('master' left out here):

mousepad: mousepad-0.2.x, mousepad-0.3.x, nick_0_3
orage: orage-4.5
ristretto: ristretto-gio, ristretto-imlib2
squeeze: squeeze-0.2
xarchiver: xarchiver-pcman, xarchiver-psybsd
xfbib: pre-0.1.0
xfce4-battery-plugin: hal_based
xfce4-icon-theme: xfce4-icon-theme-compliant
xfce4-panel: devel
xfce4-places-plugin: unmount
xfce4-stopwatch-plugin: 0.2.x
xfapplet: xfapplet_0_1
xfmpc: xfmpc-0.1.x, xfmpc-plugins

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