[Goodies-dev] Hello!

Mike Weichert mweichert at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 18:30:48 CET 2007


My name is Michael Weichert, and I'm looking to start hacking on Xfce.
This will be my first involvement with an open source project, and
therefore I'm very excited and also very naive about getting started.

My initiative for doing so is because I want a Linux desktop that is
easier for Network and System Administrators to work with. GNOME has
been my primary DE for several years, but I find that it's just too
damn hard to deploy in the enterprise because of things like Group
Policy and such (available in Windows) missing. Projects like GConf
and Sabayon are an attempt to  fix this gap, but just gets too hairy
with GNOME and it's bloat.

I'm not entirely sure of how this problem just yet, but I wanted to
introduce myself in this list and enquire to see if other developers
might be interested in using Xfce to solve this problem?

I'd like to see an implementation similiar to the following:
- Default configuration settings, new profiles/user accounts are given
these machine-level defaults

- User configuration settings, specific to a particular profile/user account.

- Static configuration settings, constant settings that override both
the default and profile/user-specifc settings

Tools could then be developed to manage these settings to deploy
"policies" within a network.

Sorry, I know my ideas are vague but hopefully you can understand what
I think would be a good project/extension or compliment to Xfce - and
I'd love to get your feedback.


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