[Goodies-dev] ANN: thunar-thumbnailers version 0.1 released

Erlend Davidson E.R.M.Davidson at sms.ed.ac.uk
Thu Feb 15 20:06:38 CET 2007

Harold Aling wrote:
> Charles A Edwards wrote:
>> On Thu, 15 Feb 2007 14:00:09 +0100
>> Stephan Arts wrote:
>>> Since when do RPM's run make? I think i missed something here...
>> Because the the rpms have to be by a built by a packager first.
> The same goes for meta-distributions like Gentoo...
> On those distributions, a source tarball is downloaded and the build 
> process is automated in a non-root, jailed environment.
> Those distributions will always have to patch the Makefile to be able 
> to build this package...
> A decent package manager (like Gentoo's emerge) updates the mime 
> database itself,...
Yes I did notice that myself - I use gentoo.

I think the solution is for me to make an option --disable-mime-update 
to configure for packagers to use when creating builds, generally 
end-users won't be interested in disabling update-mime-database.  Do 
people agree?

On a similar note would it help if I made the installing of mime-types 
opt-out too (an option --disable-mime-install)?


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