[Goodies-dev] System Load Monitor Plugin

Jackson Yee jackson.yee at gmail.com
Sun Nov 26 03:40:19 CET 2006

Greetings, and to those of us here in the U.S., happy thanksgiving!

I recently switched over to XFCE from Gnome, and I must say that I am
quite happy with the quickness and memory usage of XFCE. The only
thing that I'm really missing is the Gnome system monitor panel plugin
with the time graphs which allow you to see activity over the past
minute rather than the XFCE system monitor which shows only the
current usage. Is anyone maintaining the project that I could contact,
or could I possibly code this on my own? I have experience in C, C++,
and Python.

Best Regards,
Jackson Yee
jackson.yee at gmail.com

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