[Goodies-dev] Common colors

Stefan Ott mail+xfce at desire.ch
Tue Nov 14 01:19:30 CET 2006


I was just playing around with a couple of plugins and noticed that
every plugin uses slightly different shades of the same colors to
indicate its state (eg. green for OK). Without blaming anyone (I'm
certain my radio plugin uses yet another shade but I'm too far away from
any v4l hardware to verify that), the plugins you see on the screenshot
(attachment) are Battery Monitor, Sensors and CPUFreq.

Wouldn't it be better (in the interest of creating a consitant desktop)
to have some common default colors (such as green, yellow and red) to be
used among all plugins? Is there already such a mechanism we (I) just
don't know about? If not, could it be made part of the official xfce 4.4
release in order to help plugin developers coordinate their colors? Or,
if that's not possible, how about just putting some color guidelines

Stefan Ott

"Evil will triumph because good is dumb" -- Dark Helmet
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