[Goodies-dev] XKB Layout Switcher

lists_mk at wujiman.net lists_mk at wujiman.net
Mon Jun 19 23:55:52 CEST 2006

On Tue, Jun 20, 2006 at 12:36:39AM +0300, Alexander Iliev wrote:
> lists_mk at wujiman.net wrote:
> > that's exactly why i left windows far behind. doing configuration once and
> > then just using the program is what i like about unix. this gui stuff, 
> > constantly changing configuration, most of the time doing the wrong thing 
> > or doing nothing at all is really irritating. this way, there's not even any
> > documentation for the configs anymore. what you can't click, you can't do.
> Yep, I agree, but there exist users, that don't want to know about
> editing configuration files. Lots. :)

i don't want to be nasty, but i hate to see unix become windows just because
they can't grasp a bit different philosophy. i don't mind changing configs
from gui, i just don't trust gui as the sole source of the configuration. 
but i guess i'm just a bit too much set in my ways. and it really doesn't
matter that much:)

> > one question. svn version xkb-plugin doesn't read it's config(it writes it
> > though). would there be any possibility of a quick fix? not that i don't like
> > the us flag constantly starring at me from the panel, but i'd prefer the "us"
> > "cz" description.
> I know about the problem from the other thread, the reason I did not
> reply to that mail is that I didn't have the time to check what's going
> on. :)
> I'll probably check it out tomorrow.

it's ok. i just didn't know if the message got through. it's no rush. i don't
really need the plugin, i'm using shortcuts anyway. it only surprised me, that
it creates the config but doesn't read it. i would expect it to be the other
way around.

thanks anyway for your time

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