[Goodies-dev] howto start with goodies devel account ?

masse_nicolas at yahoo.fr masse_nicolas at yahoo.fr
Sun Jun 18 16:51:19 CEST 2006

On Sun, 18 Jun 2006 15:18:51 +0200
Landry <landry at fr.homeunix.org> wrote:

> Hi list.
> Being new to goodies-dev, i'd like to know what's the best way to start 
> with 'having a goodies-developer account on foo-projects'.
In order to have an account, here is what Jannis send us:
this message only is for those who haven't requested a user account
on http://foo-projects.org/node/3 so far, but who need access to the
goodies SVN in whatever way:

Please enter something descriptive (like e.g. the goodie you're
working on) into the "Comments" field, if possible. Also enter whether
you are a developer or translator.

We can hardly check anyone in detail. The fact that we removed most
people from the project on BerliOS makes it even harder as we can't
compare against an existing list of developers.

This also is important because all developers will get Wiki access for
their goodie's page. It would be nice to be able to filter out
developers at the time they register.

Thanks in advance,

> - first, should i import my plugin (xfce4-mpc-plugin) source code into 
> goodies-svn ? (And how to do it cleanly.. directly create a 
> xfce4-mpc-plugin{branches/tags/trunk} svn dirs ?)

> - should i write a little descriptive webpage about my plugin, how to 
> use it, and some screenshots ?
Yes (or I will have to do it myself ;-) ) 

> I've searched the mls-archive (since goodies moved from berlios), and 
> didn't find any relevant information about this.
> Thanks for any help.
> Landry
> _

Thx for your work,

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