[Goodies-dev] [ANNOUNCE] MPD client panel-plugin 0.1.0

Landry landry at fr.homeunix.org
Sun Jun 11 21:50:36 CEST 2006

[copy of mail sent to xfce at xfce.org]

Hello all !

I've written a small MPD (www.musicpd.org) client plugin for the xfce 
panel (svn/4.4).

A screenshot is always better than words:

Current features :
- prev/next/stop/play buttons with gtk stock icons (your gtk-icon-theme 
may provide such icons.. Tango, Rodent and Nuvola does)
- mousewheel to increase/decrease volume
- current title shown as tooltip
- configurable MPD host/port/password

Code is here :

It is based on test-plugin, code should be clean. Interesting things are 
in panel-plugin/xfce4-mpc-plugin.c ..
This code _may_ contain bugs, but won't screw your xfce install. I'm 
using it since a week or two and it didn't crash :)

To build it, you'll need qballcow's libmpd headers and libraries 
installed. In a near future, i'd like to write my own interface with mpd 
to get rid of this dependency. I'd like to write some .po too... but 
there is not a lot of strings in the code.

I hope this would be useful to some of you, and any feedback would be 
highly appreciated. For direct contact, i'm often idling on irc (gaston 
on #xfce at freenode).


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