[Goodies-dev] xmms and timer plugins

gaso ganchang_mrlbr at ybb.ne.jp
Thu Aug 31 00:38:53 CEST 2006

Hello Ilgar,

I want to use xmms-plugin as a "client" of XMMS compatible media 
players, and I implements some features, e.g. dynamic library loading, 
XMMS controlling functions.
source is here (details are in README):

Unfortunately, I made these changes before your posting, so I changed 
many structure of the code at my choice. I'm sorry I can't show you 
simple patch. I hope you can understand what I want in this plugin.

By the way, latest xmms-plugin seems still have some bugs
* Gtk warning occurs at the plugin starting time if XMMS isn't running
* "Horizontal volume bar on vertical panels" option ignores "Show volume 
level" setting
* resized to incorrect size by "size-change" signal
* wrong value is set to height of volume bar if panel and volume bar are 
* It seems volume bar width is too thick when panel is horizontal (I 
don't fix this)
the patch is attached to this mail (xfce4-xmms-plugin-fixbugs.patch).


Kemal Eroglu wrote:
>    Hi all,
>    After a long break I finally did a bit of work on these two plugins. 
> Timer is bumped to version 0.5, and Xmms to 0.4.1. Minor fixes or feature 
> additions were made. I also added some translations to these.
>    I've just subscribed to this list, and I see from the archives that 
> there were patches proposed for the Xmms plugin. Those interested can 
> contact me and we can decide what to do next.
>    Ilgar
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