Feature: fix borders for misbehaving applications

Enrico Weigelt, metux IT consult lkml at metux.net
Fri Oct 21 11:50:57 CEST 2022

On 20.10.22 18:24, Olivier Fourdan wrote:

> Then they can choose another application, preferably an open source one 
> that they can modify and fix to their needs. There is always the choice.

Do you know any free software that makes it possible to join MS-Teams
conferences ?

Right now, I need to use it on daily basis, for the very same client
that sponsors my work on several FOSS projects, including xfce.
Sounds illogic, but that's the factual reality we just can't change.

Certainly, if I'd be their CTO, they wouldn't have deployed that in the
first place, but using Jitsi, their Groupware would be Zimbra, Desktops
would be GNU/Linux, and only the few really irreplacable Windows
applications running on some terminal servers. Unfortunately I'm not
their CTO.

>     Tons of code ?! It's two lines of actual code, one if(...) and one
>     FLAG_SET(..), plus 2 just for the code nice formatting.
>     Did you ever *actually* *read* my patch ?
> I happen to have, yes.
> It's a patch within a 11 commit merge request, so yeah, it is a lot of code!

This particular patch is practically two lines. Yes, the policy
infrastructure is more than that, but its used for many other things,

If you're really concerned about code size and complexity. Well, be my
guest, let's clean up the mess accumulated over the aeons. Even many low
hanging fruits. I've already posted a few patches, but I haven't really
started yet.

>      >     And you don't like users being able to move around windows of
>     hanging
>      >     applications easily ?
>      >
>      > /me shrugs and moves on.
>     Indeed an actual real world problem. Formerly just a typical MS-Windows
>     only problem (since X window managers aren't blocked by misbehaving
>     clients) - with CSD this class of problems was now introduced into the
>     Unix / X11 world.
> Oh, so your rant is actually about client side decorations?

No, it's against refusal to care about real world problems. And CSD
happens to be one. Users need solutions for that.


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