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Hi Hunter,

It seems to me that before you could rebase merge requests as a developer, and that's what the doc says [1] (force push to non-protected branches). But apparently you can't anymore: I've tried on components where I'm a developer and I can't, yet there's no conflict (otherwise the message is different), and I'm pretty sure the branch is unprotected (recent requests not made on master).



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On Tuesday, October 18th, 2022 at 3:32 AM, Hunter Turcin <huntertur at> wrote:

> Hello again :)
> I was recently given Developer permissions on the Xfburn repository and
> had a question about the current preferred workflow for rebasing
> changes in a merge request before merging.
> I see that the GitLab instance is configured to require a rebase of the
> source branch onto the target branch before a merge can be performed in
> the UI. I am able to perform the rebase through the UI when I own the
> branch in the merge request ([1]), but when I attempt to do the same
> for merge requests involving branches I don't own ([2], [3], [4]), I
> get an error. The UI says "Something went wrong. Please try again."
> Normally I would assume this is due to me not having permission to
> write to the source branch (which I can confirm I don't when attempting
> to rebase and then push to the source branch manually outside of the
> GitLab UI), but I notice that the error is preceded by a request to
> which does not seem right (specifically, the merge request number being
> null).
> I would like to confirm: is the behavior of not being able to rebase
> branches I don't own through the UI expected?
> Thanks,
> Hunter Turcin
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