Google Summer of Code 2022

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Thu Mar 10 02:49:22 CET 2022

Hi Alex, thanks pushing this forward one more time, last year the results were awesome and better than that, Xfce gained new maintainers \o/

Hey all, just to be clear, this year GSoC is not limited to university students, (almost) any person interested in learning can participate, see [1] for more details.

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Andre Miranda

Mar 9, 2022, 17:46 by acs82 at

> Hi all,good news, Xfce has been accepted to Google Summer of Code 2022 !If you are not much involved into Xfce yet and interested in software development, now might be a good opportunity to contribute to Xfce while even getting payed for it !If you are already involved, you might be interested to mentor a GSoC contributor and add some project idea the ideas-list [1] for which you can do mentoring.For more details, best check the guides on the official GSoC page [2].[1] >> [2] >> Best wishes,Alex(xcons)

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