xfway: added support for alt-tab switcher

Andrzej andrzejr at xfce.org
Mon Jul 18 23:08:13 CEST 2022

On 18/07/2022 10:31, Alex wrote:
> > All that to say, wlroots is probably the easiest way forward, 
> considering it replicates a lot of the EWMH design that xfce uses on X11.
> Great to hear that you would be open for that direction! Would you as 
> well be fine with having Adlo's changes as a huge MR for xfwm4 sooner 
> or later (assuming the x11 part will continue to work smoothly)

I would vote for a solution that reuses as much of existing codebase and 
preserves as many Xfce features as possible. Otherwise will end up with 
a new environment inspired by Xfce, which will either have to be forced 
upon Xfce users or work its way up the adoption ladder like any other 
new DE. Both scenarios are bad.

> Asking so, since I think it would be beneficial for Adlo and us to 
> share the same long-term plans. If the changes have no hope for beeing 
> merged into the current xfwm4 one day, I suppose it would make sense 
> for Adlo to rename his project to something else than 'xfwm4', in 
> order to dont confuse both projects.

I would not merge anything more than a few ifdefs into Xfwm4 or other 
existing Xfce applications. There is a lot of value in keeping the 
existing X11 desktop stable and allowing it to evolve in parallel 
without forcing anyone to fork and rename it first.

Why not use xfway as the name of the compositor binary? It seems to fit 
Xfce conventions well, both in the level of awkwardness and poorly 
defined meaning ;-)

I would like Xfway to be a part of Xfce (provided it will not hijack 
it). The question is if Xfway itself is ready for incremental 
development. Research and experimentation is still ongoing (and for a 
good reason, this phase is important), wayland spec and implementations 
(now wlroots, maybe something else someday) are evolving. Some cleanups 
(naming and build system matching the rest of Xfce) would also be nice, 
although this could be done later.


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