xfway: added support for alt-tab switcher

Gaël Bonithon trash.paradise at protonmail.com
Sat Aug 27 20:05:37 CEST 2022

> I think wlr_foreign_toplevel doesn’t have a “geometry” property at the moment.

No, and I don't have the impression that we can get that information any other way from a zwlr_foreign_toplevel_handle_v1, but I could be wrong (I'm not sure I see how this works in the background yet, I'd probably have to get into a compositor's code for that).

More generally, I feel like only the KDE protocols really provide the properties we're used to on X11. In this case plasma-window-management provides this information, among many others. Not to mention virtual desktops, which only plasma-virtual-desktops seems to offer.

The problem is that apart from Kwin, no other well-known compositor seems to implement these protocols. So we'll have to deal with these limitations, which means that some panel features and plugins will have to be (at least temporarily) abandoned.

Or we have to start writing a compositor that implements all this, but that seems to be a huge task, for a questionable gain. Personally, I'd much rather contribute to something that already exists.


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> > On 2 Aug 2022, at 18:35, Gaël Bonithon <trash.paradise at protonmail.com> wrote:
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> > I'm thinking in particular of protocols layer shell [1] and foreign toplevel management [2]. For the first one, a library already exists to make things easier: Gtk Layer Shell [3]. For the second one, which covers at least part of the Libwnck features, a small library could be written, if necessary (I haven't tried to tinker with it yet).
> I agree, I think it would be interesting to port libwnck to wlroots.
> I think wlr_foreign_toplevel doesn’t have a “geometry” property at the moment.
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