[PATCH 0/4] xfce-panel: clock: binary cleanups

Felipe Contreras felipe.contreras at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 00:30:31 CEST 2022


While implementing a true binary time clock [1] I came up with many
areas of opportunity in the binary clock code.

I sent these patches more than three years ago (issue 235), and a month
ago the issue was closed with zero consideration.

The cleanups are obvious so I'm sending the first four patches to be
properly reviewed.

I have to say that spending many hours to write perfectly good patches
that are gather dust for years only to be immediately dismissed with zero
consideration is not very encouraging.

In my opinion this is not a productive way of doing development, which
is why email is 10000 times a more superior development tool than
any bugzilla-like issue tracker.

Hopefully this time it will take less than 3 years to get a response.

I've also opened an issue in gitlab:



[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_clock#Binary_time

Felipe Contreras (4):
  clock: binary: don't get style of the parent
  clock: binary: fix state flag check
  clock: binary: get the color of the current state
  clock: binary: remove redundant code

 plugins/clock/clock-binary.c | 50 ++++++++++--------------------------
 1 file changed, 13 insertions(+), 37 deletions(-)


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