Query about interest in gnome-packagekit fork.

Matias De lellis mati86dl at gmail.com
Sat Jun 19 05:38:22 CEST 2021

Hi Andre and all,

As I said, I am aware that it is not the responsibility of a desktop like
XFCE to take care of these tasks, but I certainly do not think that
distributions can do something for us.
Probably the only progress on these issues was by Fedora/Redhat to Gnome,
and I have to be grateful, but they are also short of resources, and
therefore it is understandable that they continue to advance their tools,
and relegate other desktops. I don't want to get into any kind of
controversy, and after thanking the people at Gnome again, I have something
decent to show you.


...about the name, it is an acronym for Xings Is not Gnome Software.. (Just
an innocent joke.) =)

In short, it is Gnome PackageKit v3.14 with all the backports that I could
apply, and some tools that I restored again.
* xings-packages: It should work exactly the same as gpk-application, but
added again the dialog to launch the new applications installed.
* xings-package-updates: It should work exactly the same as
* xings-package-history: It should work exactly the same as gpk-log
* xings-preferences: It should work exactly the same as gpk-prefs
* xings-packagekit-service: This is perhaps the biggest feature, since it
implements a dbus daemon (The original of gnome-packagekit, still used by
gnome-software), where other applications can be integrated. For example,
Thunar could install applications to open a mimetype just with dbus. (Soon
a patch for it.).
* xings-install-local-package: Allows you to install a deb or rpm
downloaded from your favorite browser. Implemented with the dbus interface.
* xings-install-package-name: It allows you to install optional
applications from an icon on the desktop for example. Implemented with the
dbus interface.. (Important for institutional distributions).

Will the project have a future? Do not know.
Honestly, it should work exactly like the current gnome-packagekit
(although of course, I could have made mistakes in backports and it is
obviously poorly tested), and its future goes hand in hand.

Who wants to try it, it can be installed in parallel to gnome-packagekit,
but not to gnome-software since both projects install the dbus interface
org.freedesktop.PackageKit (It's just a file, I guess it's easy to fix it)

Greetings to all.

El mar, 15 jun 2021 a las 18:55, <andre at andreldm.com> escribió:

> Hi Matias,
> I think this is more a distribution concern/responsibility than of a
> desktop environment, I'm not convinced this makes sense as an Xfce project.
> Probably it's better to have something independent as your project,
> compatible with multiple desktops which eventually can be adopted by
> different distros.
> Cheers,
> Andre Miranda
> Jun 15, 2021, 14:35 by mati86dl at gmail.com:
> Hi Marcel,
> I discovered that project relatively recently. and I maintain a similar
> project:
> * https://github.com/matiasdelellis/pk-updates-notifier
> Perhaps knowing the other project I would never have written it, but it is
> what I use and it works very well. I use it personally on Fedora and in
> Huayra (A debian based distro).
> Despite having a problem solved, my main motivation is to recover the
> gpk-dbus-service daemon, which allows us to add integrations through dbus
> on the desktop... but the last straw was the elimination of
> gpk-install-local-file, which forced me to look for alternatives again.
> Regards,
> El mar, 15 jun 2021 a las 14:20, Marcel Kühlhorn (<tux93 at opensuse.org>)
> escribió:
> On Tue, 2021-06-15 at 13:56 -0300, Matias De lellis wrote:
> > Hello everyone, =)
> > Well, I think the subject of the email is descriptive.
> >
> > I made this query, because gnome-packagekit lately became quite useless
> > for
> > the non-technical users and non-gnome desktops, and again we are very
> > disadvantaged.
> >
> On openSUSE Xfce we use package-update-indicator [1], maybe that would
> be a good alternative for you as well?
> [1] https://code.guido-berhoerster.org/projects/package-update-indicator/
> --
> Have a lot of fun!
> Marcel Kühlhorn
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