Query about interest in gnome-packagekit fork.

Matias De lellis mati86dl at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 18:56:35 CEST 2021

Hello everyone, =)
Well, I think the subject of the email is descriptive.

I made this query, because gnome-packagekit lately became quite useless for
the non-technical users and non-gnome desktops, and again we are very

First they removed the notification of new updates in favor of
gnome-settings-daemon, therefore non-technical users never update the
system out of gnome. Then they removed the gpk-install-package-name
application that allowed for example to add a single icon in the menus to
install optional applications. Then remove gpk-install-local-name that
allows installing applications from the browser, forcing users without
knowledge to use the command line. Finally, they removed the
gpk-dbus-service in favor of gnome-software, and therefore we cannot do any
kind of integration on the desktop without gnome-software.  :(

I love Xfce4, and I was able to install it to several friends and family
who are happy, but I can't tell them to open the terminal every time they
need to install something.

You will be surprised by my proposal if you read this:

..however it resulted in a good response from the community, and packagekit
is being properly maintained. The dnf, zypp, alpm and aptcc backends,
received many updates in the last time (..and certainly gnome-software
still uses packagekit.), so I guess we have packagekit for a long time. ;)

So, Is there some interest in making a fork gnome-packagekit?
My main interest is to keep the daemon independent of gnome-software, and
then we must fork the gnome-packagekit 3.14. I did tests to recompile this
version, and everything seems to work properly.

I can name it 'xfce4-packagekit'?
I honestly thought about gtk-desktops-packagekit, since I want it to be
independent (And could be used for other desktops like Mate), but it seems
important to me that the project remains within an organization.

I await your opinions about it. =)

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