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Mousepad is nice software :)

On 16-Sep-2020 08:19, "Nandakumar Edamana" <nandakumar at>

> A doubt.
> Gedit prefixes an asterisk to the filename in both the title bar and
> tabs to indicate the unsaved state while Mousepad does the same in title
> bar but uses red color in tabs. Although color change seems more
> semantic and eliminates the confusion with a filename that actually
> contains an asterisk, will the color scheme work for color blind people?
> Also, does the color depend on themes? If so, isn't there a possibility
> of the default text color of the theme and the Mousepad "unsaved color"
> happening to be the same?
> BTW, should I continue using this thread to ask questions and report
> issues regarding this Mousepad test session?
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