VM images of Xfce Git master for KVM and XEN now available

Maurizio Galli mauriziogalli at opensuse.org
Mon Nov 23 21:00:02 CET 2020

Dear Xfce people,

Today we (openSUSE Xfce Team) introduced a new and simpler way to use
Xfce Git master builds by using qcow2 images for KVM & XEN , we created
with the use of Open Build Service (OBS), Kiwi and Virtualization

The build process is based on our Git development repo aka RAT.
Package building and image building are fully automated and updates
happen on a regular basis. The final results are qcow2 disk images with
Xfce's latest code on top of openSUSE's rolling release Tumbleweed[2][3].

Currently there are two sets of qcow2 images for KVM & Xen:
a) The openSUSE version provides the default experience Tumbleweed and
Leap users are familiar with, which includes all the openSUSE branding,
look & feel and settings.

b) More relevant for Xfce devs, is the "vanilla" disk image that ships
Xfce completely unmodified from Git sources and without any openSUSE
settings and visual tweaks. This gives Xfce devs (and testers alike)
who want to build and test software inside a complete Xfce environment,
a convenient way to do so.

openSUSE version:

Upstream version:

We suggest using virt-manager and the simplified steps are:
1. Download either of the qcow2 images linked above
2. Import the downloaded qcow2 image in virt-manager
3. Boot the imported image and follow the "first-time boot" wizard
until the setup is complete 4. Have a lot of fun!

You can find more detailed information and guide on how to use these
images in the dedicated wiki page at

I hope you find this project useful and feel free to contact me for more

Maurizio (m4u9)


Maurizio Galli (m4u9)
Xfce Team

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