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Simon Steinbeiss simon at
Wed Aug 12 03:13:52 CEST 2020

Hi everyone,

as you all noticed we have kept a very relaxed and open policy about new
users registering on GitLab. Especially at the get go this seemed important
to keep the bar low for contributors to migrate from Bugzilla to GitLab and
re-create their accounts.

However in the last few weeks (and months) we have been facing an
increasing problem with spam/bot registrations. Initially we battled the
problem by blocking users by hand, deciding according to an implicit set of
criteria (and maybe some subjective ones too).
We have now formalized this set of criteria and put it into a script, which
we will soon run in a scheduled, weekly manner.

If an account does not meet the following criteria one week after being
created it will be blocked:
 * The E-Mail address is confirmed.
 * The user has logged in at least once.

If your account has been (incorrectly) blocked, please reach out to us via
the Mailing lists or IRC and we can reactivate it.

For the time being we hope to successfully tackle the problem of fake user
registrations without raising the bar on registration itself (e.g. through
enforcing authentication through or accounts).


PS: Thanks to Andre for actually creating the script! \o/
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