Problems with xfwm

Jose Luis Pavón Pavón jlpavon at
Wed Oct 30 03:06:26 CET 2019

Hi Everyone.
I have a problem with Xfwm, I think.
Everytime I enable the compositor in xfwm settings, when I restart the computer, I can't login again in the session, If I deactivate the compositor option and use Compton the problem dissapear.
The only error that shows in tty is xfsettingsd took over by another problem, but I don't know to what problem that line refers.
Please, anyone can guide me in the right direction or is better that I open a bug on the web?
Also I'm using: CRUX Linux, and I compiled the package from my own REPO.
Thanks a lot.

Jose Luis Pavón
Interesante a más no poder
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