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Sat Nov 9 17:49:35 CET 2019

Hi Michaël,

sounds interesting to me !
I am not a mousepad maintainer, though I can tell you some basics, when
it comes to code changes in an xfce project:

- Could you please open seperate bugs for each feature on ?
Like that each feature can be discussed seperately which should simplify
the process.

- Please provide a git patch for each feature by using "git
format-patch" and attach it to the according bug.
That simplifies testing, and we already have the correct mail/name the
author want to use.


Alexander Schwinn

Am 09.11.19 um 13:50 schrieb Michaël Meyer:
> Hello,
> I've changed a few things in Mousepad which I'd like to be merged. I believe it
> is best to discuss this here first and get feedback. Here's what I propose:
> * A "Justify" feature that wraps text at a given column by inserting or removing
>   newline and space characters. It is roughly similar to the "joinlines" plugin
>   in Gedit and to text filling in emacs (though less sophisticated).
>   If some text is selected, it makes it fit between the column at which the
>   selection starts and the right margin defined in the GtkSourceView. Otherwise,
>   it wraps the paragraph on which the cursor is positioned, between the column
>   of the first non-blank character in the first line and the right margin, thus
>   preserving indention. (By paragraph here I mean a sequence of non-blank
>   lines).
> * In the "Open file" dialog, I added two filters "Text files" and "All files".
>   Not having a "Text files" filter is annoying when navigating directories
>   that contain plenty of binary files.
> * I changed the way the names of opened files are displayed. If a file resides
>   in the user's home directory, the $HOME part of the file name is replaced
>   with a tilde. The goals are (1) to make the file path fit in less space so
>   that it is more likely to be displayed in full in the taskbar; (2) to make
>   the path easier to read. This behaviour might however be confusing when
>   editing files as root, so it might be better to disable it in this case.
> I'm open to suggestions, critics, and so on.
> Cheers,
> Michaël
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