Broken Multi-Monitor support for xfce

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Sat May 4 15:04:09 CEST 2019


I currently switched to xubuntu 18.04 as my working environment (I am a
developer). I find some thinks much better than under windows (general
swiftness of the system) and some missing or rather bad.

One issue which bugs me a lot if the multi-monitor support of xfce4. I have
a laptop with a docking station and two external display and every time I
move the laptop I have problems with the displays:

   1.  If I am lucky I just have to fire up the display settings and
   reconfigure the whole thing (including alignment).
   2. Sometimes it even does not work anymore until I restart the computer.

I know that I can fix this with xrandr and/or some bash script. However, I
find that at least the display reconfiguration should work out-of-the box.
I can find other post of people online having the same problem.

I would really like to have a look at the xfce4 code that manages this part
of the desktop and see if I would be able to fix the problem or improve the
situation. However, I am a bit lost and would need somebody to point me to
the relevant place.

Thanks in advance,
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